Make Your Own Deer Tallow Lip Balm: By Mandy S
Earthy? Not a label I would envision for myself, but I do actually like making my own natural cosmetics! I make my own lip balm regularly from Tallow after my hunts and recently branched out into 'tinted' lip balm as well. 
It's very simple to make.
1/2 cup deer tallow,
1 tbsp liquid coconut oil (I've also used solid, 'food grade' Coconut Oil with good effect),
1/2 teaspoon grape seed oil (or whatever essential oil you prefer, like hemp, raspberry seed, etc...)
a couple drops peppermint oil (or  could use lavender, vanilla, etc... for a scent that you love)
3 tbsp organic beeswax
Mica powder (for tint)
I also make plain, non-tinted lip balms from Tallow, but I wanted to give the mica a try.
I always use as much as I can from any animal I harvest so this is a great way to use the Tallow.
You can use deer tallow, bear tallow etc; bear does require more wax to be added when making it.

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